What can happen in a second?


Nothing and anything. Death, birth, heartbreak, realization of joy, life altering decisions, life mundane decisions. One can come to a conclusion in 1 second than can and will navigate their lifepath forever. Everything we do is measured in seconds, they are the building blocks of the life we live and measure each breath we take in and let out.
Something so small and miniscule seeming is the fiber of that which everything outside of God exhists in. Time, seconds, minutes, days, years. What can happen in a second? A beat of whatever magnificent experience each creature on earth is taking part in at that measurement of a moment. Seconds are all that we have yet they are not ours to keep. Like sitting on a merry go round and trying to see everything as it passes. Your eyes take it all in but you can not posses the images that are passing by. So is the second in the blip of our time on this earth.

Or a piece of food that fell on the floor can go from being acceptable to eat, to headed for the trash.

[Jan 2013 Home in Santa Monica]

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