Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used.


Easy Bake Oven. We pined over it, longed for it, thought we would not be complete as human beings unless we held it in the clutches of our adolescent hands! My sister and I made sure reminded my mom frequently of how ownership of an Easy Bake Oven was the solution to our eternal happiness. When at last, Christmas day had arrived, and there it stood in the settling rubble of paper and bows… our beloved plastic box which cooked delicious treats with a light bulb! It didn’t take long however for us to discover that it did not come with said light bulb, and us being under the age of 10 had no independant means to get to a hardware store. We would wait months till someone remembered while we were out to get the God forsaken bulb. By then we had looked over the directions, deamed it a little to complicated for the amount of effort we were willing to exhude. We realized that we didn’t necessarily want an Easy Bake Oven, but the idea of being able to make a chocolate cake whenever the heck we wanted. We then turned our attention to grandmas house and her everflowing supply of twix bars and snack packs and stashed the EBO on the shelf. We did have a brief torrid love affair with a Barbie Ice Cream Maker later on, which also ended in disapointing lack luster.

[at MOCA downtown LA]


One comment

  1. So I wanna know they put in their mixes that makes them bake under the “intense” heat of a 60 watt bulb…

    Also in the category of toys we wanted but didn’t actually play with much: Little Miss Magic Hair (actually a pretty bomb toy).

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