A tree from the point of view of one of its leaves.

goober 1[1]

Oh God if only Sharon would look my way! She probably doesn’t even know that I exist. I mean how could she, I’m just stuck here between Carl, Margo, and Jeffrey… and we all look alike. I’ve watched her for days now, her green glossy skin blowing ever so slightly in the wind. Her delicate veining and her stem… oh God that stem, it drives me wild!
What a tortured existence I occupy. If only I would have grown a few branches closer, or if I could have grown a little taller and broader, maybe then she would notice me. She would be mine… there’s no doubt in my mind that we would be perfect together. We both love to people watch, sunbathe, and hate birds…sigh.
Wait what is this? What does he think he’s doing? Carl?! I can’t believe him, he knew how I felt about Sharon! He just fluttered around so much that he fell all the way down on her branch.
Oh geez, I can’t watch this! She was the love of my life, now she is probably hooking up with this dead beat good for nothing. “Carl I thought we were friends!”

[Santa Monica office]

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