Your favorite hiding spot.


Back in the days of jr. high where I grew up, there was a game called Beckon. This was a favorite past time of the young folk in our house those days. This being because our mother had instincts so uncanny and sharp that she would catch us pretty much any time we got into mischief, and Beckon was a fun, mostly safe alternative. (And right now, if my mother is reading this, she has alarms sounding in her mommy brain, at what the “pretty much” means, and that it implies that there was mischief had to which she has not yet CSI style convicted us of…Mom Mayne is always sniffing out crime, and crime never sleeps, which may be the reason she never does, there you go Mom, your nocturnal incapability solved…you’re welcome…please don’t hold the unknown mischief against us…)

When having slumber parties, or boy/girl parties it was just not an option to resort to sneaking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or kissing boys… because she would just know. So instead, we would break out everyone’s favorite cracked out version of hide and go seek called Beckon.


-There is a finder(s)
-Everyone else hides, while the finder counts to 100
-You can hide in any space possible as long as it’s inside the house
-Finder looks for people, once they are seen they must go to “jail”
-Jail is a couch in the middle of the living room, you must be touching it at all times
-People who are still hiding can sneak out and beckon those in jail with their hand indicating that they may go hide themselves again once the finder is not looking.
-The finder must locate all of the hiders and have them all on jail in order to win the game.
-Also, people get nuts, household items might get broken, and you may find out that some of your friends are freaks who can contort their bodies into spaces and shapes unimaginable.

My parents’ house proved to be perfectly designed for Beckon. 2600 sq ft, 5 bed, 3 bath, 3 floors and mostly all visible from the jail couch in the middle of the living room. Also equipped with a birds eye third story loft and access to rooms at multiple sides. Plenty of great places to hide a body…in the game playing sense. My two best hiding spots were behind the upright piano, (no one looked there since a normal sized human should not be able to fit into the space, I disagree) and up the inside of the rock fireplace.

This is the only photo I have of the fireplace (right.) Not the best photo, but a point of reference. My little cousin’s here however are dancing up a storm…sweet moves guys.

Now this fireplace was a little different than most, being that it was somewhat like a cave and was made out of rocks similar to those at a climbing gym. I would scurry up the rocks and just cling there like Spiderman, hoping to not fall to a broke limb, or worse, get found. It was always amusing when the people on the jail discovered that someone was hiding in the fireplace, when they saw a little hand pop out of the top to beckon them to freedom. They were most impressed  at my spritely abilities and abnormal “for a girl” upper body strength. I just liked feeling like a spy/ Spiderman/ ninja for a couple hours. I will miss those days of running around like mad and waiting in a tense excited state to be found, and seeing all the crazy places my friends thought to squeeze into. We’ve all grown up now and have many things to occupy our days, but I will always make time in my schedule for a game of Beckon. Now all I need is to get myself a sweet house to play it in.

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