A poem about Spring.


For The Poppies

Rise up! Rise up! New birthen flesh,
To scene of budding bloom
Lift up thine heads of petaled reds
Your sun it rises soon.

With leaf outstretched to catch it’s beams
In gardens strewn in waken gleams
A flash of bud I see it seems
As sun replaces moon.

I see you lift your dreaming eyes
Your leaves astute, I wonder
Why chosen you to hide your blooms
Amidst cold winters slumber?

Awake! Awake! The sun is new,
On this day’s rise and set
To finally reap from you who sleep
The wintering and wet

How missed were you
While winter blew
I saw it nearly claim us
But known was morrow
Which replaced sorrow
From that to hopeful meeting.

-Aubrey Mayne

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