Write some short rhymes or mnemonics about historic events or important facts that a schoolkid might have to learn.

_ghandi_detail_white -Cleopatra was real hot and men all tried to date her, until she had a real bad day and at let a cobra ate her.

-Henry the 8th was balling out of anyone’s control, he like to hook up with some chicks and then made some heads roll.

-Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t fawndy of the war or hate. He gave up food, said, “ya’ll knock it off!… but Hey, I’m losing weight!

-Shakespeare wrote some real good plays, but most of them were sad, it seems to me he just might be the first of emo lads. He killed off lovers, kings and foes, twas tragedy all day, he also married a lady called Anne Hathaway.

-Adam and Eve the first hippie dudes, organic gardening in their nudes.

-Ben Franklin was a player baby daddy, Ben Franklin was kind of a fatty.

-Frido Kahlo liked to paint, ‘cept on her eyebrows showed restraint.

-Napoleon, just like Tom Cruise was short and tried too hard, despite everyone telling them they acted like such tards. Sending old Nap out to Elba seemed like a real good plan, let’s send Tom too, along with all his Scientology clan. kickinitolschool

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