Waking up elsewhere.

My kitten sleep spot and what a pal, Peter.

A common uttering amongst those who have been graced with my presence would be, “Is she asleep?…Yep.” Since a young age I have been granted the skill of being able to sleep in nearly any situation, position, or strangers couch. I am even so good at sleeping that I can do so while operating a moving vehicle.

According to reports from my parents this started from a young age. I would get up in the middle of the night and start playing, then shortly after, pass out in whatever position I was in at that moment. My parents would come to check on me at night and of course find me sleeping in random parts of my room. One time they came to check on me and upon opening the door, they found that something was blocking it from the inside. That thing was my little lifeless body, so they had to carefully slide the door open, pushing me clear from the entrance. This I’m sure I slept through. I was a prime candidate for a kidnapping.

I learned from the best. Me and Dad napping like champions.
I learned from the best. Me and Dad napping like champions.

One would have thought that this was just a childhood phase or a growing girl needing her rest. Yet on to Jr. High, and we see this is not the case. A 7th grade overnighter with the youth group. No one had slept all night and had been eating Sour Punch Straws by the tray and living off of endorphins from games of truth or dare. I was unbelievably tired. My father, who was sent to retrieve me, took it upon himself to torture me while in my fragile state. He informed me that he had to run a few errands before we made our way home. This frustrated me slightly, since I was more than ready to melt into my bed, but I figured I would just wait in the car and get a head start with a nap. This did not happen. He required that I come in with him at every stop. I can now say that I have slept in the middle of a Bank of America, and on a bench at The Home Depot. I’m sure he derived much pleasure from this but I’m still slightly bitter to this day.

Now as a grown woman my reputation continues. At one friend’s house I am called “The Kitten” and have a specific spot designated as mine on the couch where I am known to fall asleep. (see title photo) I also have numerous photos that friends have taken of me sleeping at their houses or out and about. My room mate threatens the creation of a 12 month photo calendar of different places she finds me sleeping when she comes home at night. Most recently I was down visiting my sister and her husband’s relatives in Long Beach. I am vaguely familiar with these people and probably only see them once ever 2 or 3 years. Well, it got late and I was full of a home cooked meal and made the mistake of sitting next to a fire place. It was too delicious to fight it. My legs curled up, my head nestled into my shoulder, I was a goner. I slept through the night then snuck shamefully out the door at 6am before anyone could tease me or ask what was wrong with me.

I am a varsity sleeper.

Evidence from the room mate.
Evidence from the room mate.

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