Your last cry.

crying light installation
I am typically not a big crier. Injuries usually provoke feelings of rage or frustration. Sad movies usually don’t get me unless there are hormones involved. It is an impulse that my body does not seem to find that readily available or useful for the most part. However, I have found my Achilles heel recently. While browsing the web at the office the other day, I stumbled upon a thread of videos that lead me to soak my keyboard with salty sobs and also required some awkward conversations with those who saw the state I was in.

These are the things that can without fail, make this ice queen ball like a spoiled 6 year old girl in an American Girl doll store who was just told that they are “just looking today and not here to buy anything.”

1. Olympic gold medal winning moments, especially when set to music…

2. People with cochlear implants who are hearing for the first time (also when selfless/charitable people are rewarded) …

3. Oscar acceptance speeches…

4. Dogs who are greeting their owners after they come back from military duty…

5. And this…

AAaaahhh! Here they come again; sweet delicious tears ready to fry my keyboard yet again. Enjoy.

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