Write a music review that doesn’t refer to any other bands, musicians, or genres, but can refer to anything else.


Nick Hakim

Being carried to bed after falling asleep somewhere, when your body gets laid down, head first then feet as your knees tip over, then a blanket is pulled over you. You’re slightly awake but you pretend to be asleep just because you enjoy being taken care of in this way so much.

Being in bed, deep in the woods in a cabin with someone you love. They tuck a strand of hair behind you ear and kiss you on the forehead. It’s dimly lit and stars are visible through a wisp of cloud cover on a winter night.

The first sip of a hot drink on a cold day at dusk.

Sorrow, longing, missing someone and having that craving satiated. Seeing the future with that person in it. That moment of knowing that this is the way things should be and always will be from here on out.

And now you listen….

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